Video delivery for the modern school district.

Nearly all public schools and school districts need to replace the systems used to deliver video content to classrooms. Not only is the old analog technology breaking down but it doesn't meet the user case for today’s student. IPTV networks, particularly those based on today’s proven technologies, offer significant video quality improvements and provide a unified user interface for live, pre-recorded, on demand, and internet sourced video. The industry has changed from cable and satellite services providing free and/or low cost services to costly solutions requiring high cost monthly rental fees for decoders. With StreamVu Ed, IPTV is cost effective, easy to manage, and delivers to all devices on campus wired or wireless.

Cost Effective

No monthly rental fees or surprise overage charges.

Easy to Manage

A simple web interface lets you manage all your streams.

All Devices

Watch live streams on all devices, wired or wireless.


Record live streams using the EPG to use as an asset later.

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