StreamVu Privacy Policy

Updated January 29, 2019

StreamVu Inc takes the privacy and protection of our customers, prospects, vendors and business partners very seriously. We will only use individualized information – for example company or individual names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers – for StreamVu business purposes, and we will not share this information outside of StreamVu without the approval of the company or person whose information is being shared. When we store company or personal information in StreamVu internal systems, it is secured with appropriate technologies to safeguard it from unauthorized access and/or improper use .

Please read this policy carefully and know that it may be updated periodically.

How We Collect and Use Personal Information and web sites: If you submit personal information through the Contact form on the web site or email us directly, your information is not stored at StreamVu, but an email is auto-generated to specific groups so that someone can be assigned to reply.

StreamVu’s web sites collects data (IP addresses) with cookies when visitors navigate through them. This data is used to monitor activity on the sites and personal information is not collected.

Trade Shows: If a StreamVu representative scans your badge or collects your business card at a trade show or industry event, your information will be stored in our CRM platform and will be accessible to StreamVu’s Sales and Marketing teams. If you expressed interest in a product, a member of the Sales team may use your information to call or email you.

The Marketing team may email you about StreamVu’s presence at the same event in future years. The StreamVu Marketing team uses a CAN-SPAM (U.S.) and GDPR (Europe) compliant email tool that provides all email recipients the option to opt out and be removed from the distribution list at any time.

Phone Calls: If you contact StreamVu by phone, your information likely will be input into the CRM platform and stored for future contact by Sales, Engineering or Customer Service.

Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payments: Company information and personal information is usually included on customer-provided purchase orders and StreamVu-generated invoices. This information is stored in the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and is only accessible to select employees.

If a member of the Accounting, Sales or Customer Service team sends you an invoice for non-warranty work or spare parts, you will be emailed a link to take you to a secure web site for payment. StreamVu employees do not see your online payment information at any time.

Surveys: StreamVu’s Sales and Customer Service teams periodically send emails to customers after a sale or after a Customer Service effort concludes to request feedback and gauge customer opinion on StreamVu’s work. StreamVu sends the survey to the key contact person via email address on file.

Social Media: If you engage with StreamVu using social media, StreamVu does not collect any personal information or store it. If you post a photo of StreamVu equipment or interface, a member of the StreamVu Marketing or Sales team may contact you to ask to use the image in other places.

Contact StreamVu, Inc
If you have any questions regarding StreamVu’s Privacy Policy, please write to or by mail to 41 North Merrimon Avenue, Suite 113, Asheville, NC 28804 USA.